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Getting To Know Your Root Chakra

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR ROOT CHAKRATantric tradition teaches that there are seven energy points on your body that allow an energy exchange between your physical and spiritual beings.  Its important to keep these points healthy for your wellbeing.  The Muladhara, or Root Chakra, is the energy center at the base of your spine, connecting you to a sense of groundedness as well as instincts for…

Significance of numbers in your mala beads

WHY DO I NEED 108 BEADS IN MY MALA?When I first started meditating I shopped for a set of prayer beads.  It was a fun and personal process, but I quickly realized there was so many options when purchasing a mala.  What are the numbers?  How many beads do I need?   108.  There are many reasons why it's significant. Although one reason isn't more true than the other, consi…