Getting Started With Meditation

Ask people who meditate how they do it and you'll get a variety of different answers.  Do you use mantras? Do you need to sit in a specific pose? How do you know if you are doing it correctly?  Trying to develop a practice that works for you can easily become overwhelming.  Just a quick search online for "meditation" returns a plethera of sources.

I first heard about meditation from my husband before we were married, and learned my practice through him.  In the past 14 years since I've created my own techniques that work for me.  If you are interested in meditation, but not sure where to start, don't worry too much.  Learn some techniques, then let your own lifestyle mold your practice.  That's the great thing about quieting the mind - there's no one correct way.

To get started on your journey, here are some worthwhile sites I've discovered with great information you can use.

1. Silence Your Mind

    Check out the "How To Meditate" section for a lot of great information on meditation.  From basic meditation to meditation for children, this site is well worth your time. 

2. Wild Mind

     An ad-free blog dedicated to meditation.  You'll find meditation guides, and great articles on applied meditation.

3. Tiny Buddha

    Tiny Buddha is an inspiring website with tons of information on meditation.  I'm linking to a blog post I've found helpful - "8 Ways To Make Meditation Easy and Fun".  Check out the FUN & INSPIRING portion of the website for little bits of happiness.

4. Tara Brach - How To Meditate

  Founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC, Tara Brach's downloadable PDF booklet on how to meditate is a great source for those learning to meditate.  She also has books, CD's, and freely available guided meditations. 

Well wishes on your path to a calmer mind and peaceful existence.  If you have a technique that works for you, please comment to share with us!