When will my order ship?

Unless noted, we hand make all of our items after your order them.  Most malas will ship within 5-7 days after you place your order. We offer free shipping via USPS First Class Mail - you should expect your order to arrive within 5 business days AFTER it is shipped.

What are your products made from? 

Everything we sell at MadSky & Company is designed and handmade in our studio from an original concept.  We start each mala prayer necklace with professional grade braided nylon that offers the most strength, flexibility and softest drape available on the market.  Our stackable bracelets and wraps are hand strung on the largest gauge stretch cord the bead holes will allow, offering superior strength and durability.  We have searched far and wide to bring our customers the finest handmade indigenous wood and seed beads from sustainable sources around the world, including India, Bali, Thailand, The Philippines, and China.   MadSky & Company inspects each gemstone for beauty and quality before incorporating them into your design. 

I'm not a religious person.  Can I wear a mala prayer necklace or bracelet? 
Yes, of course!  Although certain religions use mala beads, prayer necklaces, and rosaries as part of their practice, our malas are universal.  Our goal is to connect people with the calmness and peace that exists in eveyone's life.  Think of our products as the "equipment" you use to find it.  

What is the significance of using 108 beads in your mala?
The number 108 is significant for so many different reasons, so there is not one definitive answer.  Human beings have six senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and consciousness) multiplied by three reactions (positive, negative, or indifference) making 18 different possible "feelings." Each feeling can be either "attached to pleasure or detached from pleasure" making 36 "passions".  Each of those may be manifested in the past, present, or future. All the combinations of all these things makes a total of 108. 

How do I use my mala?
When we meditate, sometimes we have words or sayings that we repeat over and over again to help us concentrate and block out thought. Whatever you use is your mantra. With your mala in hand, you can run the string of beads through your thumb and finger (your index finger is associated with the ego, so pick another!) to automatically count your recitations. Once you've reach the marker stones (you'll feel the different texture and size), you pause to reflect.  How many sections of prayer you complete is up to you - find what works for you.  Wear the beads as a reminder of that peace and calm you achieved during your practice.  You'll find it very beneficial. 

How should I care for my mala beads?
MadSky & Company malas are so attractive that we know you'll want to wear them everywhere.  Although our necklaces are strung on the strongest materials available, they are not meant to be worn during vigorous activity or when you are sleeping.  They should be worn and stored with care, as any rosary should.  Your order will arrive safely inside a storage pouch to safely store your mala.  Bracelets and wraps should be fine to wear during yoga. 

Can I wash my mala? Can it get wet?
As long as your mala doesn't have a silk tassel, if it gets a little wet it won't hurt, but due to the sacred nature of the mala, please treat it with the care in which it was made for you. The natural oils in your skin may darken certain beads overtime, such as the sacred Rudraksha seed and Rudrani seed beads.  You may want to lightly rub coconut oil on these seeds to protect them from drying out.  If your mala has a cotton tassel, feel free to spray it with a solution of half water / half fabric softener, and lay it flat to dry.  

Do I need to cleanse my mala?
We recommend that you cleanse and re-energize your mala often.  There are many different techniques and options you can use.  Consult a book on crystals for options with specific instructions for different types of stones.  However, there are simple, intuitive ways to cleanse and recharge your mala.  Let your beads rest in the sunlight or moonlight to recharge.  Soak your mala in brown rice, which has nourishing and balancing qualities, removing negative energy.     White sage is excellent to burn around the beads.  Ultimately, if your intention is to be in tune with your mala, whatever you feel your mala needs is best.

Will these beads and gemstones cure my medical illness?
Many people believe in the healing qualities and health benefits of gemstones, Rudraksha seeds, and Rudrani seeds.  MadSky & Company does not intend for any of our products to treat, cure or prevent any disease, medical illness, or ailment.  Please consult your own physician regarding the treatment of any medical condition. This information is not a replacement for a thorough consultation and examination from a licensed health professional. 

Can I return my purchase?
Mala beads, necklaces, and bracelets that have been worn cannot be returned or exchanged, due to the fact that they carry energetic qualities.


All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. The risk of loss for all merchandise ordered on this website passes to you the buyer when the merchandise is delivered to our shipping carrier. Please contact us at info@madskymala.com to request a tracking number, or to inquire about expedited and signature receipt delivery.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages and/or missing items that do not have signature receipt delivery, are in process with the courier, or in the case it has been delivered and does not have a signature at delivery point.