When choosing a mala bracelet, use your intuition first. If certain gemstones seem appealing to you, they will be the right ones for you at this time.  You may also find it helpful to pick a wrist mala that matches your meditation practice. For example, if you feel that you need more grounding and centering on and off the mat, choose a mala bracelet with Agate, which is a great grounding stone. You can also choose a meditation bracelet based on its color. If you like the color you'll wear it more often! Choosing a mala bracelet based on a certain chakra may also work for you.  For example, if you are working on opening your throat chakra, a mala made from blue stones such as Amazonite would be perfect, because this stone and color are both excellent for opening the throat chakra.  For more information on our gemstones metaphysical properties, check out our comprehensive gem guide