You'll fall in love this handmade Tibetan mala necklace!  8mm Amazonite gemstones dazzle against exquisite Rosewood beads. This unique design features the traditional Tibetan bead count of 108 - each one hand strung on strong, professional grade braided nylon for durability and the highest flexibility.  You'll love how these beads comfortably hang just below the chest at the solar plexus chakra when worn as a necklace, but can also be loosely wrapped around your wrist as well.  A fully integrated handmade tangerine orange / coral cotton tassel finishes this beautiful long tassel necklace.

An alluring aqua blue-green stone, Amazonite's energy offers a direct connection to the heavenly realm and makes you receptive to its assistance. It not only helps you focus on the truth, but aids you with confidence to speak the truth as well. Hold the thought or intention of honesty while you work with this stone.

Measures 34" round. 8mm wood beads.

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