Savasana might look like a nap at the end of your yoga practice, but it’s actually a fully conscious pose aimed at being awake, yet completely relaxed. 

Black Agate reminds us to stay aware of the energy within oneself, to recognize that energy, and to accept it. During meditation, shift your thoughts as you journey within. Release the tension back to the source, emptying and surrendering. Shift inward and reawaken your constant devotion to your purpose + desires.

We have paired the uber protective and strengthening black Onyx stone with Amazonite, a gemstone with a soothing ocean hue inspiring both peace and clam, diminishing worry and anxiety. Allow this freedom to light you up, as you release to the ultimate state of surrender.

We love the significance of Kadam Sandalwood beads used in this design.  Hindu mythology suggests the child of Shiva (the Auspicious One) and Parvati (the Goddess of Love) was born beneath a Kadamba tree.  Wooden beads from this tree symbolize wisdom, love, new beginnings, and the circle of life.

This handmade mala necklace features 108 beads, and measures approximately 38" around. 

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