Stamped Key Necklace

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Looking for a fun loving way to fill your space with positive vibes? We start with a necklace chain in your choice of metal style and length, then add a vintage repurposed key that has been hand stamped with the word or phrase of your choosing. We love these custom necklaces because they allow you to express your own personality while keeping you in the positive frame of mind you deserve.

The classic keys we stamp by hand for you are unique, and no two are the same. Rest assured the key you receive will be thoughtfully chosen for you and will match the style of the necklace chain you choose. If you have a preference on style or metal, please let us know before you order! 

Each unique piece of art is created by a person - not a machine. We stamp each word letter by letter, making your key truly one of a kind. The keys we choose are repurposed, meaning they've been used by others before making it to your necklace, so you should expect to receive an older, vintage style key that may have previous stamping and wear/tear. This is the charm of a hand stamped, repurposed vintage piece.

♥ Jewelry created at Madsky & Company are designed, created, + handcrafted with intent to bring mindful and happy meditations to our customers. The stamping used to create these key necklaces is not meant to be perfect. Each one is a piece of art and no two are ever the same, adding to the charm of a handmade work of art.

*These hand stamped key necklaces are not affiliated with The Giving Keys.